CDs by Barling and Collins
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Puberty and Justice for All, the first CD by Barling and Collins, is a fairly accurate representation of just how screwed up two people with acoustic instruments can be. Wrestled to the ground and forced to submit by Stu Gilchrist at Chickenwire Studios, Charlottesville, it's sure to make fun for the whole family, especially if the family in question enjoys a fair amount of rabble-rousing and carrying on. Released in 2004, it features the following tracks:

Go To Hell
Uncle Jerry's Nasty Granny
The Whole Enchilada
Jackal of Love
(That's Right) I'm Looking at Your Girlfriend
Goalie Host
Whatever You Want
Cry 4th Amendment
American as Fuck

Brand-spankin' beautiful and all you ever really wanted, 2010's New World Odor celebrates B.C.'s 13th year together with a wide range of oddities from the 7.5 minute fan fave "Deeper Forest" to the terse wonder that is "Cocksucker Motherfucker."

Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestler
Pissed-Off Shit and Tits
Cats on the Bed
You and Your Rockstar Friends
Sacred Mound
Sexually Attractive
Lay Me Down
Musician So Stupid
Rotten Candy
Cocksucker Motherfucker
Big Red Boner
Solid Dog
NASCAR People Rule the World
Deeper Forest
I'll Love You When I See You Again