What is this B.C. of which you speak?

Stephen Barling (guitar) and Brandon Collins (cello) are two rather reckless bastards who make ornery noise for the sheer jollies of it. Both are long-time residents of Charlottesville, Va., a groovy place to (as Zappa would say, were he alive today) "raise your kids up in." Since 1997, they have built a proud name for themselves as a couple of bros eminently capable of conjuring obscene noises from a cello.

In 2003 they were honored to be included in the recording of Atsushi Miura's long-awaited polemic on disillusionment and resentment, "Cheap and Fake," making up two thirds of Mr. Miura's Dirty Round Eyes, the other third being one Josh Mustin, who also produced the album.

In July of 2004, with the fate of the known universe hanging in the balance, the duo released their first recorded outing, Puberty and Justice for All, in the hopes that it would bring an end to starvation and injustice and usher in the dawn of a new humanity. Or at least sell a thousand copies so they're not laying around depressing everyone.

Having failed to learn their lesson, the two released a second cd in 2010. New World Odor is everything the first cd was not. And then some.

Barling and Collins have performed at Floyd Fest, Spaghettifest, Oak Grove Music Festival and Charlottesville's Fridays After Five as well as supported acts like Southern Culture on the Skids and the Asylum Street Spankers.

Thanks for tuning in, hope you dig it.