words and music by Stephen Barling

woman, she don't need wine
she gets high on sunlight
standing in a flield
singin' with the flowers
she will come for me
when I really need her
doesn't say a word
she just takes me by the hand

should I lay broken
she dreams me whole
no spell unspoken
between our soul

woman we go walking
under Van Gogh starlight
talk of past forevers
all the names of change
when the words have run out
there's never need for questions
the silence is so golden
color it the sun

there's so much power
we can behold
in heaven's flower
we too unfold

nothin' I won't give her
so she asks for nothin'
all that is within her
could not weigh in gold
she lives on in knowledge
and I'm always with her
all along, eternal
dancing all through time