Upper Hand Rap
words and music by Stephen Barling

check it out
it's the Upper Hand Band y'all
and if you want to stay cool
and you want to stand tall
you best be steppein' on out
you better be puttin' on the Ritz
before your flavorful self
goes into flavorful fits
of reaction
so homey, get some traction
'cuz if you're thinkin' you can groove it
then you know we're gonna move it
like this
and we ain't talkin' 'bout your bowels
we used to chill with Thurston
but we couldn't stand the Howells
so take that
in the Gilligan style
and put your stone blue soul
on the miracle mile with the hand


my girlfriend's willin'
my homeboys chillin'
you been spacin' on the ethers
while we're checkin' out the thrillin'
and it's a bastion of tranquility
whatever it is you can see that it ain't killin' me
so I will try to relieve myself
and get the Upper Hand flavor on your mental health
we're the hand


serve up the fresh full flavor
with the double dip sauce
and keep the fine wine flowin'
'til ya' get it across
ain't no hocus
ain't no pocus
ain't no magical thrill
it's just the Upper Hand Band
and the rhymes that we spill
Piercy rhymin' on the keys
Matthew rhymin' with his face
and brother Millsky's on the drumkit
always kickin' out the ace
'cuz we're a high-speed thriller
a full-stop chiller
and we won't be takin' no more shit
from Phyllis Diller
so dig up the bass with a lickity slam
and put some flavor in your face
because you know who we am
we're the hand


so if your homeys give you shit
because you come to the show
and you been thinkin' it's a pleasure
that they'll just never know
remember the finest jolly funk in the land
and sit back and chill
you got the Upper Hand

you'll get the fever
for the flavor of a band
that goes by the name of
the Upper Hand