Sons of the Sleepless Men
words and music Stephen Barling

Like some worn invitation
Two winks and provocation
All's lost but not forsaken now

Two wheels to mobilize it
Too real to realize it
Unyielding she'll despise it all

Sons of the sleepless men
Lords of the wilderness
With your gifted pens
Can you still stay mute?

Into the winds again
Before the star's grown cold
Gone are the flags, but then
We can still share laughter now

Black shirt and broken sweater
You're sworn to not forget her
She flies because you let her now

First off to weeping willow
Then back to less than zero
She knows you ain't no hero now

Patch up the morning after
With threads of easy laughter
Darkness ain't no disaster now

Hell-bent in shiny linen
Like some damn new beginning
As all the saints go sinning now