Solid Dog
words and music Stephen Barling

She's a snotty little hottie drinking forties on the potty
Like a brand new Maserati, it's a party in her body
She lacks a sense of recompense and hence some feel she can be quite dense
But she always comes through with a trick or two for suspense.

And in the morning she will shake a solid dog

He was the queen of the trippin' team
His velvet scream made the rich folk cream
But his lines were rehearsed and his delivery burst at the seam.
He'd mop the mess 'til we all confess - I digress -
His second best was still anyone's guess
But always true like a trigger to the breast

And in the morning he will wake a solid dog

It's an erudite confession for a dangerous profession
Just to teach us all a lesson they stay always effervescent
Pick up the clue with an inhale or two catch the scent
They keep chasing down the rabbit just as though they have to have it
But before they reach to grab it angry wolves come out and nab it
Just what they need as the pack recedes from view

And in the morning they'll forsake that solid dog
Yes in the morning overtake that solid dog
Well in the morning they'll remake that solid dog.