You and Your Rockstar Friends
words and music Stephen Barling

She used to go to his house and stay out all night
Drinking Skyy Vodka and doing lotsa cocaine
I always wondered why I never got invited
But now I know

While I was back at home caressing my computer
They're solving mysteries, exposing famous spies, yeah
Involved in international intrigue and finance
Stopping crime

I'm kinda jealous of you
You and your rockstar friends
You seem so happy and cool
You and your rockstar friends
I'll watch your hideout for you
You and your rockstar friends

Now I remember how she used to seemed athletic
Receiving phone calls in the night from secret strangers
She said her diaghram had magic super powers
That could kill

And then one night I found a hidden piece of paper
That said "meet me in Trafalgar Square at sundown
I'll wear a carnation and you wear next to nothing
We'll do lunch."

I followed her to his house and waited outside
For several hours then I peeked into the window
There she was naked and tied up on the bed so
I burst in

"I've come to save you" I said as I untied her
She looked real nervous like someone was behind me
I spun around and gave the finger to the villain
He got his.