Redneck Warrior
words and music Stephen Barling

You can take him or leave him
but you better just leave him alone
He can take a good punch
and you can bet that he's not goin' home
He's prepared for survival
and you know he might come in handy
if you ignore your Bible
and do what survival demanded

Redneck warrior
What are you doin' here?
Make sure he stays nice to your friends
and just give him a beer
Redneck warrior
When you come to our door
Remember everything's equal
and equality's what America's for

He's a mean contradiction
speaks like he's never been wrong
and you know when he means what he's sayin'
'cuz it doesn't take long
He's a walking pariah
and he knows his traits are recessive
but with a blind-eyed messiah
it's easy to get excessive

Redneck warrior
What the hell is your plan?
As the population grows
and your friends turn from pinkish to tan
Redneck warrior
why do you give a fuck?
When you could have been a friend to us all
if you'd just had some luck