Racist Motherfucker
words and music Stephen Barling

What the hell is wrong with you?
Why are you so strange?
How come you gotta be that way?
Why can't you just change?

Are all you people so insane?
Are you always so insincere?
Doesn't matter if you're black or white
Don't matter if you're straight or queer

Oh, racist motherfucker
You can go to hell
I can't stand your smell
If I could change you I would try

If you see in black and white
If you're thinking that you're always right
You forget about diversity
You're ignoring our reality

When you're acting like you own the place
You forget there ain't no master race
No chosen people, ain't no master plan
Everbody doin' what they can

Aw, racist mother
You can go to hell
I think it's just as well
If you would crawl away and die