Old Dried Flowers
words and music Stephen Barling

I knew a girl
wanted to run off with me
lost in america
how nice would that be?
so i left her with a sweater of mine
and a note said "thanks for all the time"
somewhere in the cobwebs of her mind
sit this bunch of old dried flowers

I had a friend
back in my college years
lots of time
wasted drinking beers
I think he's a lawyer now and that's cool
proves there's something to be learnt back in school
but I'll just sit here between the pages
cause to them I'm old dried flowers

salt-filled remembrance
well up in a sigh
some find it painful
I've got to wonder why

a yellow man in a white taxi
mak-a-spliff, sing reggae to me
he tells me not to sweat it
if in fifteen years they all forget it
that's cool, kick back, enjoy spring showers
because to them you're old dried flowers
cause to them you're old dried flowers
old dried flowers
old dried flowers