Life With You
words and music by Stephen Barling

I been blind and burnt the snow
been unkind and didn't know
I been wicked, wild and strange
just this side of quite deranged

I been silly, i been mean
I been everywhere between
I been stuck in cupid's glue
dreaming of a life with you

but all my wants and all my cares
vanish in the passing air
and I could live on cups of dew
if I could spend my life with you

now when i was a little boy
I thought there'd be a road to joy
dreams I'm having say that's true
if i could spend my life with you

sometimes crazy, sometimes mild
sometimes gentle, like a child
dreams I'd hoped would never end
all with you my life to spend

life with you, my life with you
hearts of pink and hearts of blue
drinkin' in them cups of dew
and lovin' all my life with you