Known By Another Name
words and music by Stephen Barling

my name is Dale
and I'm the same
but please don't call me by that name
and if you see me walking by
turn your head and shut your eye
and remember to cry
I live nowhere
I eat nothing
I talk to no one
not even you
I've got better things to do
don't bother bringing me
none of your bullshit
I've tried your suits on
I've seen they don't fit
I've been through your dresser drawers
and I've slept on all your floors
I've taken your soul away
sold it to charity
I know everything about nothing
and I tell no one

somebody knows
where I go
I think its the pigs
this thing's getting far too big
my parents want to lock me up
no more silver spoon and cup
I'm losing my trust funds
along with my marbles
you want me to talk to you
but my thoughts are garbled
and I have found myself
believing the lies I hear
from the one voice
I cannot escape from
It follows me home at night
and wakes me up from sleep
I've tried all your medicines
but the cut's just far too deep
and there's nowhere left to run
from myself

my name is Dale
I wear a rubber suit
it fits me pretty good
they tell me that it's cute
I'm doing allright
except I can't use my hands no more
and there's bars across the door
and I'm sitting cross-legged on the floor
and somewhere down the hall
behind some glass door
there sits the remainder
of my half-removed mind's core
and the half that's left in me
draws in crayola
and sings me nursery rhymes
Mother Goose and Father Time

and now I find
though I'm no longer poor
the voice that wakes me up
is no longer my voice anymore