Kill 'Em and Eat 'Em
words and music by Stephen Barling

The world is full of creatures
We can call our friends
Some are cute and cuddly
Some it just depends
You can get to know 'em
When you take em home
And if they do not like you
You can gnaw their bones

After you eat 'em
Kill 'em and eat 'em

Sometimes you like your neighbors
They loan you all their tools
But that don't make no difference
When their kids come home from school
Playing in your driveway
Making lots of noise
If you had to kill 'em
They'd say you didn't have a choice

So go on and eat 'em
Kill' 'em and eat 'em

There's people on the planet
Don't like the way we live
The more they seem to hate us
The more we seem to give
Signing lots of treaties
Sending lots of aid
But wouldn't it be better
Just to send 'em marinade?

So we could eat 'em
Kill 'em and eat 'em