Joshua Said
words and music by Stephen Barling

Joshua said:
well this American came into the fruit stand today
he wore a bright pink shirt and his eyes were grey
he wanted some bananas, tried to haggle me down
so I looked him once over and I said with a frown:
"let me tell you something, mister, about the Jamaican life
and maybe then you'll buy my bananas at full price

"I wake up in the morning and I eat a dumpling
it's not very filling, but at least it's something
then I hesitate a moment, say a praise to Jah
and bare-footed I head out in bliss, oh yea.
That's right, I walk to work, I don't own no car
it's only three or four miles, thank Jah it's not too far
I make my way here to the vegetable stand
and I pick every vegetable I sell by hand
I spend my whole day in the blazing sun
I greet all my friends and say 'hi' to everyone
and later in the day I am luck if
I can sneak off with my friends and smoke a spliff...

"So that is how I spend my time
it don't sound like much but Jah say it's just fine.
Now you come 'round here with your pink shirt on
you drive a BMW, got a jockey on your lawn
you make more in a week than I make in a year
and that's why mister, when you come 'round here...

It's one for the price of two
one for the price of two
that's all we got for you."