Hold Me Down
words and music by Stephen Barling

Erase, the Invisible
reinvents the unknown
sets fire to the dirigible
collects the passenger's bones
infamous and still fameless
he wanders down by the sea
where the boneyard revival
drives him right up a tree

he thinks that it's beautiful
cause it fills him with glee
but the spectre of Aerhart
taunts him back to the sea
as the waves capture over him
and he breathes in the foam
there's a sand-colored casket
filling up with his bones

and you won't have to hold me down

Everything's patience
slow evolving returns
almost infinity
all a thought never heard
in the ice of a moment
vicious furies do rage
make a sand-colored catapult
fire me right off the page

you won't have to hold me down

didn't really want you...
didn't really mean to...