Friar Tuck
words and music by Stephen Barling

crazy man i sold him my guitar
he hitched his dreams upon that star
he spends his life looking away
but now it's saturday

he reads the morning paper
a cup of lava and a cough
he eats just what he's paid for
and he's off

down to the local seven
he's got the writing on the wall
just leave a message
maybe then he'll call

if you ever leave, no mind
all is shaken by the blind
man whose life and yours are intertwined

his mother tried to love him
but she could hardly do him wrong
her fate's to lay the bait
and then move on

she was the first decision
but now he knows which ways are gone
as such he never fears
the nightless dawn

if in every sense of mind
all you are is all you find
"then I am all" he says "and all is mine"

we work the floor together
he plays the plate, I play the line
a trick for saints Patrick
and Valentine

no other well to cover
no other hell to leave to mind
no other window to the nightless time

and if in every sense of mind
wisdom's wishes intertwined
then still a well would spill
and fill our wine