Cry 4th Amendment
words and music Stephen Barling

I caught Orrin Hatch
sneakin round in my ganja patch
it was an Iree batch
and I want back the buds he snatched

You know the GOP
they get all their buds for free
so why they always got to be
messin' with my ganja tree

Cry fourth amendment
leave me alone please

Orrin Hatch
stay the hell out of my ganja patch
or I'll pull back the latch
and leave you with no ass to scratch

Trent Lott
I wanna smoke the buds he got
I'll bet it is some Iree pot
some high grade stone cold crusher crop

Up on the capitol hill
they roll up big blunts and chill
and twist up big stacks of bills
to huff up all the blow they swill

Cry fourth amendment
leave me alone please