Coon Dog
words and music Stephen Barling

my mother she was a red dog
my father he was a coon
at night we'd go out prowlin'
beneath the light of a new moon
and all the forest'd be tremblin'
there'd be a shiverin' and they'd moan
if you see them coon dogs a'comin'
you'd best just throw 'em a bone

brand new phase remember
all the strange things never told
how when the wind dies down the embers
change from red to fiery gold
how all the forest'd be tremblin'
and shiverin' with delight
to hear the coon dog family howlin'
in the chill of a warm night

now may all good souls remember
when you hear that crazy sound
on a new moon in september
before the leaves hit the ground
grab that shaky rhythm
rattle your nasty bones
'cuz when the coon dog family's a'prowlin'
you're better dead than alone