Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestler
words and music Stephen Barling

My friend's gal is pretty strange
She got a funny idea 'bout playin' games
She dress up like a ragdoll and heads downtown
Where a bunch of fierce women be hangin' 'round
Well you know she's come to do you harm
She's gonna grab your sister by the arm
And wrestle
Yeah wrestle

There ain't much to do in this old town
For a broke tooth girl dressed like a clown
But for a few CLAWBUCKS and a PBR
She's gonna be an arm wrestling superstar
Well, the ref says she'll need more than luck
So I bought his ass off with a stack of CLAWBUCKS
Now wrestle
Yeah wrestle

There ain't much a rational man won't do
For a strong-arm gal in a tight cat suit
And a purple-haired demon on a motorbike
Make a weak-armed lover come home at night
Let the losers lose and the winners win
'Cuz I blew all my cash on Tragedy Ann
Now wrestle
Yeah wrestle