Church Day
words and music Stephen Barling

After all the dreaming's over,
and the wishing's reached an end,
may the breeze which brings us forward
also mend
my friends.

Though we're living in the valley
fear no evil speak no lies.
All that's written in the alley
are the pirate's lullabies,
some tangled jests and angel's cries.

Lift up your heart,
take up the tune,
For Brother Jesus
and the Moon.
And if the Stars are falling,
it's just the Heavens coming down.

"All for one
and one forever."
- Strange writ words upon the wall -
"Clover, Frankincense, and Heather
and the Siren's lovely call."
A world of dust to mourn it all.

When the rain is falling
and the clouds are hanging low,
hear the breezes calling,
know you've got somewhere to go:
On down the river flowing,
Up with the breezes blowing,
Where that old willow's growing free.

Oh Hallelu