Can't Let Go
words and music Stephen Barling

The stuff in the world
is made out of chocolate
and pain is a pickle
I don't want to talk about.
So leave me alone
while I'm getting my fill.
Who cares if I wretch
just pick up the bill
and let's go.

Two kittens are fighting
over a cookie.
Monkey breaks it in half
now your half is bigger.
Monkey he takes a bite
now my half is bigger.
"Chomp chomp," goes the monkey
- there ain't no cookie at all.

My sleeping bag,
it smells like shit.
So i'll take it out,
scrape the bugs off of it.
It's so hard to take care
of all of my stuff.
I've got so much
but it just ain't enough.

Mosquitoes are messing
with my meditation.
Though I'm chanting loud,
I've got skin irritation.
So I'm fixing my mind,
but the thought's rushing in:
all those blood-sucking bugs
all over my skin
oh no.

I can't let go
I want it I want it
I can't let go
I need it I need it
I can't let go