The Ballad of
Vitamin Loserfish Jones

words and music Stephen Barling

"Well, you can lead me to water
but I may not drink - no no
and you can tell me to do as I oughta
but I may not think
it's such a big thing bells ring
all the angels start to sing
- angels kinda bore me and
I never liked harp - no
I never was much for no flying around
don't reckon its time that I start
no no no no"

Here comes ol' Jones again

"Been on welfare
don't care
any change you got to spare
stayin' outta trouble and I sleeps in my shoes
dribblin' from wine stained lips as I stumble to the liquor store
hangin' with the poor boys and
singin' the blues
- we got 'em"

Here comes ol' Jones again