words and music Stephen Barling

Go to sleep in the morning
Wake up well past noon
You stick around here long enough
You'll be howling like a loon
Feel free to go double-fisted
But try to pull your own weight
'Cuz when the sun comes up
We all go down
I'll meet you at the gate
Now don't be late

Try to change your own diaper
Try not to make us all frown
'Cuz if there's ever a problem
we'll either back you up or shut you down
Don't try to play all familiar
If you ain't never been home
I could take you back
To my old shack
And teach you 'bout the stone
You're better off alone

Ain't no rules of engagement
Ain't no protocol
An anarchical community
With icicles on its balls
Feel free to warm up the cousins
But don't expect too much bait
'Cuz when the love comes up
We all go down
And you might meet your fate
Wouldn't that be great?