Ain't No Pimp
words and music Stephen Barling

Ain't no pimp
You ain't no ho
Ain't no devil down below
We can rise above together if we try

All along to Jackson
Been through better days
Buy two quarts of liquor
I'll tell you through the haze

All along the night train
Blown away my mind
Hear that whistle comin
But I can't tell the time

All along to Nashville
Don't sing no blues down there
Wander down the wrong road
They'll cut off all your hair

All along Virginia
While away the days
If you find a river
Clear me off a space

Ah, marijuana
Easin' all my pain
If I tell your mama
Please don't be ashamed

All along West Virginia
I wandered through them hills
Scare me up a good wife
Pay off all my bills